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Sudoku Xtra is an on-going series of puzzle compendiums and range of logic puzzle books, available as both PDFs and printed books.

"The best puzzle magazine I've come across"
"By far the best variety of puzzles and different levels of challenge"
"Something to suit everyone"
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Published by Dr Gareth Moore, author of over 250 international puzzle titles including Word Fall 1, The Mammoth Book of New Sudoku, The Mindfulness Puzzle Book, The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book and the Clever Kids series, and creator of online brain training site Brained Up as well as puzzle site, Sudoku Xtra features an unparalleled collection of logic puzzles in a large page book format.
Draw the given number of bridges to join all the islands.
Place 1 to 6 in each row and column whilst fulfilling the inequality signs.
Draw non-touching lines to join all of the number pairs.
Solve each clue cage by fulfilling the sum, whilst placing 1 to 6 in each row and column.
Outside Sudoku
Place the outside digits into the adjacent squares to solve the Sudoku.
Place buildings of varying heights to fulfil the outside clues, whilst fitting 1 to 6 into each row and column.
Jigsaw Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 in each row, column and jigsaw shape.
Extra Regions Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 into each added region, as well as row, column and box.
Samurai Star
Place 1 to 9 into each of the five tightly overlapping grids.
Samurai Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 into all of the grids. This puzzle has extra regions too.
Place 1 to 9 into each row, column and 3x3 box. Sizes can vary, like this example - e.g. 6x6, 12x12, 16x16.
Inequality Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 in each row, column and 3x3 box whilst obeying the inequality signs.
Toroidal Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 into each row, column and wrap-around jigsaw area.
Skyscraper Sudoku
Place 1 to 8 in each Sudoku region whilst obeying the skyscraper clues.
Draw a loop through the circles, turning on black and going straight on white.
Shade squares according to the arrows, whilst drawing a loop to fill the rest.
Shade squares to fulfil the clues, revealing a hidden picture.
Find the set of ships in the grid, based on the clues.
Shade a continuous set of squares to form regions of the given sizes.
Place a full set of regular dominoes into the grid.
Shade squares so no number is repeated in a row or column.
Place 1 to 9 into each empty square to give the stated sums.
Draw rectangles of the given sizes, using every square once and once only.
Killer Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 so each cage adds to the given total, and all Sudoku constraints are met.
Jigsaw Killer Sudoku
Each cage adds to the given total and all rows, columns and boxes contain 1 to 9.
Draw a single loop that neighbours each digit the given number of times.
Shade each room the given number of times, so no more than two walls can be seen from any viewpoint.
Light Up
Place lights to illuminate all squares but no other lights.
Find symmetrical shapes around each pivot to reveal a hidden picture.
Shade squares so that each clue number 'sees' the given number of squares.
Find a set of polyominoes that fill the grid without touching another of the same number.
Two-away Sudoku
Place 1 to 9 in each row, column and box whilst obeying the 2-away square joiners.
Repeated Digit Sudoku
Place the set of digits in each Sudoku region, with some numbers repeated.
Killer Calcudoku
Calcudoku cages but with rows, columns and boxes as in Killer Sudoku.
Gap Sudoku
Sudoku grids with gaps in, and regions that continue across them.