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16x16 and 25x25? cool smiley

Posted by Sarah 
16x16 and 25x25? cool smiley
November 18, 2009 02:42AM
How many 16x16 and 25x25 puzzles are there?
Re: 16x16 and 25x25? cool smiley
November 18, 2009 03:21AM
Here’s a list of all Sudoku puzzles in issue 1 which are larger than 9×9:

2x Samurai Star
1x Samurai Sudoku
1x Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw
1x Skyscraper Samurai Star Sudoku
1x Samurai Star Calcudoku
2x Sudoku 12×12
2x Sudoku 16×16
1x Sudoku 20×20
1x Sudoku 25×25

As you can see, that’s 12 out of 100 puzzles which are large Sudoku or large Sudoku variants, at least in issue 1. There are other larger puzzles, but those others aren’t Sudoku.

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