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Now available direct from Amazon.co.uk, .fr, .de, .es, it; and in additional currencies

Posted by gareth 
Now available direct from Amazon.co.uk, .fr, .de, .es, it; and in additional currencies
May 02, 2012 08:46AM
Very exciting news about Sudoku Xtra and all of the special book editions listed on this site: they are now all available for immediate delivery from Amazon.co.uk. They are also available for (usually) immediate dispatch from Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it and Amazon.es. I also now provide links to Amazon.ca, although these are typically imported from the US and may have slight delivery delays.

I have updated the magazines and books pages to show your local Amazon store. I've also added currency support for many more countries, including mainland Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

These pages should auto-detect your country and show you appropriate content, but you can override this using the drop-down menu at the top-right.

For example in the UK all of the books and magazines are now available for £5.95 with free delivery, and you can even pick next-day delivery if you choose (and that will also be free if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber).

In Canada and elsewhere in Europe, local Amazons apply slight price fluctuations, so I show approximate prices for each title, e.g. "~ EUR 7.50" meaning 'about €7.50'. I might in the future write some code to automatically update these prices with Amazon's live price, but then again I might not. smiling smiley

Going forward there is now no need for me to publish titles on Lulu, which with its postage charges is more expensive outside of sale periods, but more importantly it will simplify the descriptions on the site of how to get a pre-printed copy.

Note that while many of the books and magazines have been listed on Amazon.co.uk et al before, these were import editions that were generally slow to arrive and had added postage fees. These new UK versions are cheaper, have no postage fees and are available for same-day dispatch.

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