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OOO. Very mouthwatering!!. Seen @ WHS.

Posted by JEFF LOEB 
OOO. Very mouthwatering!!. Seen @ WHS.
August 22, 2010 06:14PM
The EDoku Collection - 500 SuDoku, CubeDoku, WordDoku, SumDoku and Other Amazing Puzzles: AlphaDoku, UltimateDoku, SuperDoku, SymbolDoku, XDoku, XtremeDoku, PatternDoku, SpeedDoku, ShapeDoku, SpeedKakuro, ShapeKakuro, Unscramble, SandwichDoku and NexusDoku
Lucien Morel, Bianca Morel, Cara Morel, Jeff Le Roux
£7.50 Format: Paperback Availability: 4 or more weeks
Re: OOO. Very mouthwatering!!. Seen @ WHS.
August 23, 2010 12:32AM
That is clearly self-published, so I presume you mean you've seen it on the WHS website? I'd be astonished if it was in-store - but fascinated to hear too! However you're in the US aren't you Jeff, so unless you're on holiday I imagine you mean the website. smiling smiley

The WHS website has no connection with the WHS stores, so far as I can see. Indeed in the past it used to literally be run by Amazon I think!
Jeff Loeb
Re: OOO. Very mouthwatering!!. Seen @ WHS.
August 23, 2010 02:57AM
yep. whsmith.co.uk

I ordered that book from amazon.com. Another HBD gift for me <G>

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