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Sudoku Xtra 20

Posted by gareth 
Sudoku Xtra 20
August 01, 2012 01:10PM
Sudoku Xtra 20 is now available and is packed from cover to cover with a huge variety of 151 puzzles. You can get hold of it as either a PDF to download and print, or pre-printed from your local Amazon.

This issue features many new Sudoku variants, including Arrow Sudoku, Worm Sudoku, Anti-King Sudoku, Quad Clue Sudoku, Argyle Sudoku, Frame Sudoku, Little Killer Sudoku, Extra Region Pointers Sudoku, Offset Sudoku, a huge Odd/Even Samurai 13-grid Sudoku and more. The new varieties introduced in Sudoku Xtra 19 are back too, including Sudoku XV, Kropki Sudoku and Non-Consecutive Sudoku. Tapa and LITS puzzles also return this issue, along with many existing favourites.

Contributed puzzles this issue include some fantastic puzzles from Serkan Yurekli: Easy as Japanese Sums, Slash Pack and Snail Sudoku. They're all fantastic puzzles but I particularly recommend trying the Slash Pack ones - they're great fun and very different!

Sudoku Xtra 20: available now.

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