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Requests for issue 22

Posted by gareth 
Requests for issue 22
October 26, 2012 04:34PM
Okay, I've tried to include all of the different varieties people have asked for in issue 21, but if I've missed something or there's a type you'd particularly like me to carry on including in future issues please post here. Then when I come to start preparing the next issue I can check back here and see what's in demand! smiling smiley

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Re: Requests for issue 22
October 29, 2012 09:41AM
Hi Gareth

Firstly thank you very much for issue 21 which looks great again. I have really really enjoyed the last 2 issues. Some very interesting new challenges.

Re: Issue 22, I will start the ball rolling with my personal preferences and mild dislikes which I am sure others will disagree with! Have you ever thought of sending all your subscribers a list of all puzzle types to rate on a 1-10 scale in enjoyment? Might take a bit of work from you but that way you would get most peoples views as opposed to those of the few of us who contribute to the forum. Just a thought. Anyway here are my thoughts.....

Puzzles I would like to see in EVERY issue:

1. All of the new suduko variants (kropki, offset, worms etc) - love them all - keep them coming

2. Older favourites ... consecutive, odd-pair (sadly missing recently), skyscapers, inequalities, extra regions (with jigsaw), wraparound

3. Samurai and Samurai Stars - any type but particularly love SSSS and SOS which I always save for special quiet moments. Could we have the Killer ones back? Always happy to see more Samurais of any type, especially the new ones (Page 1 of new issue looks great).

Puzzles I would not mind losing:

1. I am not a fan of the the link type ones (but I know other are so that's fine). I never do the Nurikami, Yajilin, Heyawakes etc

2. Some of the others have been around a long time now so I am a bit bored with them. I no longer bother with hitori, hanjie, slitherlink, hashi, fitushiko, kukuro and the like, also the 8x8, 15x15's, 20x20's etc

However, even with the ones I do not bother to print, I still find I have more than enough to keep me going for 2 months.

This is still the very best puzzle magazine I have found and would be really disappointed if it ever stopped. Thank you Gareth. I do hope the subscriber list is healthy and you reap due reward for the enjoyment you give us all.

Re: Requests for issue 22
October 30, 2012 08:45PM
I'd just like to add my thanks to Sue's for another fantastic looking issue - I can't wait to get started on the samurai arrow sudoku - definitely another of these at some point please.

Actually Sue - my tastes are very similar to yours - I would love to see more of the new puzzles types from the last couple of issues - it's been great to try out lots of new variants.

I'd also like to see the consecutive, inequality and skyscraper sudoku stay put, and would also ask for the return of odd pair!

Like Sue I also like samurais of any kind - it would be great to see some of the newer varieties as samurais as has been happening over the past couple of issues.

I like starbattles - they've only ever appeared once, but I would love to see some more.

I do like some of the loop puzzles, most particularly yajilin, masyu and slitherlink in that order!

Puzzles I don't particularly care for are hitori, hashi, dominoes, heyawake and hanjie, and also the bigger sudokus.

Again like Sue, I think this is the best magazine going and please keep it coming - I would also be lost without it. Thanks for all your efforts Gareth - I know it must be time consuming.
Re: Requests for issue 22
October 31, 2012 02:27AM
Gosh, I'm so far behind, I haven't started issue 20 yet!!

Favourites - samurais of any kind, particularly star and 13-grid, extra regions, odd pair, consecutive and non-consecutive, XV, jigsaws, kropki.

I can't comment on the newer ones as I've not done them yet, but they do look interesting! I do remember doing argyle sudoku and anti-king from your blog, Gareth, and they were fun.

Puzzles I've drifted away from are kakuro, calcudoku, hitori, slitherlink, hashi, dominoes, heyawake and yajilin, but I like suraromu.

I dislike the large sudokus, 12x12, 15x15 etc.

I am a huge hanjie addict but am happy to go with the girls above. So if you want to pass up hanjie in favour of something new, or return odd pair, for example, that's ok!
Re: Requests for issue 22
November 01, 2012 05:28PM
Thanks for all the feedback - very useful!

So are you (mostly) all saying that the magazine should ONLY contain Sudoku and variants. i.e. no other puzzle types?
Re: Requests for issue 22
November 04, 2012 08:42AM
I would like to see more puzzles - for example starbattle, pentomino, tapa variants etc.

Many greetings,

Re: Requests for issue 22
November 06, 2012 10:32AM
Hello Gareth

Well that is true for me although loop ones seem popular with others. I haven't had time for too much of issue 21 yet, but so far have greatly enjoyed Quad Clue, kropki and Quad Max. Am astonished by the variants you keep coming up with all of which have their own hidden logic to find. Excellent stuff.

I agree with Marlyn that any of your variants in Samurai or Samurai Star form are always very welcome and are my favourite types of all. A book of these would be fantastic.

Delighted to see inequalities apearing again too as they are an old favourite from back in the Suduko Pro days. Would like to see the negative number Killers make a return too sometime, plus odd/even as I said before.

Thank you again, Sue

PS Not sure what tapa puzzles are as mentioned by Neils. Will go hunting.
Re: Requests for issue 22
November 07, 2012 07:30PM
Hello Sue,

TAPA variants: look at logic masters india; tapa variation contests by serkan yurekli.

Re: Requests for issue 22
November 07, 2012 07:41PM
There's also (non-variant) Tapa in Sudoku Xtra issues 14, 15, 16 and 20.
Re: Requests for issue 22
November 08, 2012 08:41AM
Thank you both. I will seek them out now. I probably did them in the Xtra issues and didn't register the name! I usually enjoy Serkan Yurekli puzzles.

Thanks again for replying.

Re: Requests for issue 22
November 19, 2012 02:11PM
We all seem to be largely in agreement! XV, Kropki and now, the new Quad one are my favourites. Not keen on big sudokus but love killer and killer pro. happy with Calcudoku but MYSTERY calcudoku is much better.

Keep it coming! Really enjoy!!
Re: Requests for issue 22
December 17, 2012 11:09AM
Personnally I would be very sad to see the magazine become only sudoku and its varients. Though if you made a similar mag featuring only non-sudoku style puzzles I would be very happy! So my suggestion would then be two mags, one for sudoku lovers and one for sudoku haters, both available from amazon (I don't buy pdfs they cost too much to print) on alternate months.
Re: Requests for issue 22
January 09, 2013 10:24AM
So when is no 22 coming...?? My hooks are a-tenter!!!
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