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Product Frame Sudoku

Posted by gareth 
Product Frame Sudoku
November 15, 2013 10:04PM
I got a few questions, including one about Product Frame Sudoku, via email, so thought I'd repost here:


I have been doing killer sudoku for a few years and came across your magazines by chance. This has given me more than I had expected to find in one source, thank you.

May I ask is there a site I can go to for more of an explanation on some of the puzzles? Many of these are new to me.

Also I particularly like the the Product Frame Sudoku and wonder if you do a magazine with more of these in?

Here's what I wrote back:

There are six more of those puzzles, plus many more varieties in my 544 page book, “The Mammoth Book of New Sudoku” (available in bookstores, or on Amazon). It also includes regular Frame Sudoku, and Subtraction Frame Sudoku, and around 100 other types of Sudoku.

In terms of instructions, that’s all I’ve written myself but you can ask for advice in the forum on www.sudokuxtra.com and there’s a reasonable chance someone will help a bit. Those variants I happen to have written about on www.puzzlemix.com or www.anypuzzle.com might have more details on there, or for some types I’ve also posted on www.garethmoore.co.uk – but I haven’t provided any solving help there.

I don’t currently have a magazine with just that type in, but you can see all my current single-types by looking on the books page on www.sudokuxtra.com AND my ‘Amazon-only’ books list at www.puzzlebooks.org – there are a lot of types there. smiling smiley
Re: Product Frame Sudoku
June 05, 2014 08:14PM
gareth I like Product Frame Sudoku, even though they are so easy for me! (no affence, still make them)
Re: Product Frame Sudoku
December 01, 2014 06:22AM
I like product frame sudoku. You have given right answer to that question.
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