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Posted by Marcelo Pars 
March 22, 2017 06:20PM
Hello everyone,

I'd like to present a new "SUDOKU type" of puzzle. It's called CUBICKS and just like SUDOKU you have to make rows and columns with all different numbers (in this case different colours). The difference is: CUBICKS is in 3D so you can only play it on a smartphone or a tablet.

Here you see an example of a puzzle:

You can find CUBICKS (or CUBICKS FREE, which is for free of course, but contains ads) on the Apple App store or Google Play store or even on the Windows Game store.

The app contains 1000 games from an easy level to a level so hard that I find it impossible to solve the puzzle without guessing. But that is up to you of course.

If you want to find the puzzle on the different different platforms you can go to www.cubicks.com

I hope you like the game and I also hope you tell me what you think of it.

Marcelo Pars
Re: Cubicks
April 20, 2017 11:19AM
It seems really cool, I better quickly buy it!
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