Jeff Loeb
another "Xtra site"
June 13, 2010 04:46AM
alot of the Sudoku Xtra publications are stocked at and

the 2 sites seem to be mirror sites of one another

why they both give prices in USD, I don't know
Re: another "Xtra site"
June 13, 2010 09:13PM
You see US dollars on both sites because you're in the US - I see pounds when I visit them. You can change the currency using the drop-down too.

Just to repeat my comment from the other thread too:

Thanks for spotting that Jeff - it looks like this is actually the cheapest way to get hold of it pre-printed in the UK now, at least for single purchases, due to the cost of postage and packaging on Lulu. It's also the version, which I slightly prefer because at 8"x10" dispenses with the slightly larger black bars of the Lulu version - but essentially both printed versions are otherwise identical (I think they use the same technology), just to be clear.

Anyway, I imagine there is around a 2 week delivery delay if you order outside the US, since it takes about 7 or 8 working days to get a copy from over to the UK.
jeff loeb
Re: another "Xtra site"
June 14, 2010 02:23AM
Copies of Xtra at, or at
Re: another "Xtra site"
June 14, 2010 02:16PM
No, Sudoku Xtra is available only for download as a PDF from this website, or alternatively pre-printed from (US) or (elsewhere).

You can of course order from to the UK, but with postage it will cost a lot. Some people are however importing it from to the UK and other countries, such as those in the link you provided above, and selling it at the cost without additional postage - i.e. about £6.66 ($10). The reason pre-printed copies cost more is due to the cost of one-off printing, but they are very-high quality productions - better than any regular magazine, or indeed book.


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