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Sudoku Xtra 14 now out!

Posted by gareth 
Sudoku Xtra 14 now out!
April 08, 2011 09:33PM
Sudoku Xtra 14 is now out! It is available for download and all subscribers should have already received their copies via email.

It's jam-packed with puzzles, including another bumper Community section, and this issue I've introduced a new puzzle to the magazine: Tapa.

The magazine starts with a cover Yajilin Redux that spells out "S X 14" in rotational symmetry, and features the toughest logic I could manage to pack into its full-page size! Page 3 features the Tapa, which mix the best aspects of Nurikabe and Hanjie into a fun and rewarding puzzle. There are also some great Slitherlink, an easier Heyawake for those who found the ones in the previous issue a bit challenging, not to mention the usual great selection of Japanese puzzles and Sudoku variants. Take a look at the sample on the magazines page if you'd like a glance at an example issue.

The Community section yet again features a new contributor found by section editor David Millar, and for her first issue Maree Cassidy has contributed an intricate Number Crossword puzzle. Also featured are easy, medium and hard puzzles of both Fillomino and LITS types by Grant Fikes - thoroughly recommended, especially if you've found these tricky to get started on before.

Also in the Community section, Debbie Rahav's Four Squared +1 xN puzzles are nowhere near as scary as they look, and are a rewarding and yet pleasingly gentle challenge. Conversely, Nathan Roberts's enormous Labyrinth puzzle is a towering achievement in terms of its range of logic and reasoning needed to solve it - and this is just the mid-level puzzle he has supplied. Next issue I might feature his "irksome"-level puzzle! I also thoroughly recommend trying Elliott Line's Mirror Box and Forest Map puzzles - neither are anywhere near as intimidating as they appear at first glance, and in particular I really enjoyed solving the Forest Map. If you're a fan of Skyscraper then you'll love Jim White's new Skyscraper Zero puzzles, including a Sudoku Skyscraper Zero puzzle too, and the awesome (and, for me at least, highly challenging!) Frameless Sudoku from Deb Mohanty will thoroughly challenge both your Sudoku and your Killer Sudoku skills!

That's just scratching the surface. There's so much more both in the main section and the community puzzles section!

Sudoku Xtra 14 is out now - you can download it from the magazines page.

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