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200 puzzle series

Posted by Christine 
Re: 200 puzzle series
January 11, 2013 03:03AM
I, too, hope the books are selling well. It's quite interesting, when doing a review, that you can add links to other stuff in the review. Of course, it needs people to read the review and follow the links to be of benefit, but it's a nice feature.

Hi Sue. I'm now obsessed with the inequalities, too! I'm doggedly determined to finish one puzzle before starting another and so far that's worked out ok, even if I've spent a day or so dipping in and out of a particularly challenging puzzle! We'll see how long that rule lasts! Some I've found to be easier than others, with 1, 5, 12 & 14 being the hardest for me. I'm currently on puzzle 15 which got off to the best start of all. I thought I would get this in one sitting but have ground to a halt, with mostly just the 2s, 3s & 4s to place. A rest, then, and go back to it later!

I'm enjoying them, though, and the other puzzle books and now I'm eyeballing the Futoshiki books on Amazon!
Re: 200 puzzle series
January 18, 2013 01:06PM
Hi Marilyn.... good to have a fellow obsessive. Sounds like you are more dogged than me but very successful too. I have now attempted all of the first 100 and completed half of them. Am now going back thru the abandoned ones with slightly more success. I hit a good patch in the 30's and 40's. Not sure if they are any easier or that I was just more attuned. The odd occasions where I crack one in one sitting are cause for celebration round here. Very satisfying. Am still waiting to find some piece of weird insightful piece of logic that I have so far missed. No 14 is STILL unsolved.....so congrats to you. It is my target for the day. Again.

Do keep me posted on your progress. is it just we two?

Re: 200 puzzle series
January 19, 2013 08:39PM
Hi Sue and Marilyn - well you two and me - just about, because I haven't given up on the book quite yet, but am finding the puzzles really too difficult for me. I keep trying different ones and have made quite good progress with some of them, but I just don't seem to be able to finish them. I hate being beaten and keep hoping I can get a few of them solved. Have only managed about five so far!
Re: 200 puzzle series
January 21, 2013 03:18PM
Hi Christine.... Hurray, another recruit to our small but determined inequalities group!!

I share your frustration at making good progress only to become stumped. With other variants I find I am usually able to complete them quite quickly once over half is filled in. Not these devils tho. Maddening but I love a good challenge. I think we should have a little party if ever we all finish the 200!

Keep at it.... Completing 5 is good. I think I will give them a rest for a bit and enjoy issue 22. I will be back. They will not defeat me *said hopefully*

Re: 200 puzzle series
January 22, 2013 04:05AM
Hi Christine. Well done on what you have completed. If you haven't already done so, try puzzles 23 and 24. So far, these turned out to be the easiest for me, with minimal pencil markings needed! 20 was a good one, as well. As a clue for 23, work down from the 9s.

Sue, you've done brilliantly with how far you've got, so enjoy your rest. I wish I could tell you how I cracked 14. I remember it started off promising, particularly down the three central columns and across the first 3 rows, but I can't remember how I finally solved it. It was one of those, I think, where I kept erasing pencil marks, looking at the inked numbers I had, and then putting the pencil marks back in! Something broke that puzzle but I can't remember what now.

So what methods do you guys use? Shall we start an Inequality thread and share?
Re: 200 puzzle series
January 25, 2013 08:45PM
Hi Sue and Marilyn - thanks for your encouragement with the puzzles! I am quite envious of your brain power, but at last success! Marilyn - I have completed number 24! Will have a go at 20 and 23! Please let me know if there are any more relatively easy ones to have a go at! I usually try to get 9s and 1s in place first and work from there.

The good thing about really hard puzzles is that it is so much more satisfying when you do get one completed, isn't it? Keep up your good work.
Re: 200 puzzle series
December 02, 2014 05:40AM
I completely agree with Christine. Gareth has really nice collection of puzzle books. I have seen his site where I saw various puzzle books.
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