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Sudoku Variants

Posted by gold5471 
Sudoku Variants
June 05, 2014 06:58PM
Sudoku Xtra contains a wide variety of sudoku variants. I will make a list of all Sudoku Variant Favourites.

My top three are: 2-away Sudoku (featured in The Mammoth Book Of New Sudoku), Integer Multiple Sudoku and Diagonal Sudoku

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Re: Sudoku Xtra 25?
June 05, 2014 07:07PM
There are two puzzles I hope you include in no 25. There are Suraromu and Killer Sudoku Odd (like in issue 18). Tell me when it has been made!
Re: Sudoku Xtra 25?
June 05, 2014 07:09PM
Yes. include these gareth

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Re: Sudoku Xtra 25?
June 05, 2014 07:10PM
I have got #22 and #6 and they are quite different.
Re: Sudoku Variants
December 01, 2014 06:54AM
I had played 2 way sudoku and I love it, but I am not sure about Integer Multiple Sudoku. I will play it asap.
Re: Sudoku Variants
March 22, 2015 07:37PM
Integer Multiple Sudoku is to easy for me (no offence).
Anonymous User
Re: Sudoku Variants
May 17, 2015 06:06PM
They are amazing. Here are some sudoku variants:

1. Odd Pair Sudoku
The puzzle where you need to consider the O’for odd’ markers.
2. Prime Sudoku
A puzzle made by Theawaysudokuscreator. He’s added square prime markers which indicate that both the two numbers are prime. (2,3,5,7)
3. Sudoku Extra Regions (sometimes called hypersudoku)
A classic puzzle where you also place 1-9 into each shaded box.

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open | download - Odd Pair Sudoku.jpg (9 KB)
open | download - Prime Sudoku (123.3 KB)
open | download - Hypersudoku.jpg (7.1 KB)
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