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New puzzles for issue 2

Posted by gareth 
New puzzles for issue 2
November 19, 2009 07:10PM
There've been lots of ideas for what people would like to see in the magazine, both to me by email and also posted in the comments on my puzzle blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to start summarising some ideas here. If there's a type of puzzle you'd like to see, or be sure is still in issue 2 that's already in issue 1, then please post here!

I'll start the ball rolling with some ideas people have already sent:

  • ABC puzzles
  • Tent puzzles
  • More large Sudoku (16x16 and above)

The very large Sudoku one will probably be catered for with a dedicated book of just these larger puzzles, since it's one of those puzzle types that people either love or hate, but the other two - ABC puzzles in particular, as a favourite of mine - are definite candidates.

If you've come across an interesting type of puzzle elsewhere that you don't know how to describe but would like to see, feel free to post a link or pointer to it!
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 20, 2009 02:13AM
I've had an email request for Extra Regions Sudoku, so that's a good one for issue 2.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 20, 2009 09:47PM
Not a new puzzle for the next issue, but could I put in a request for some more skyscraper/skyscraper sudoku please! I have found the ones in this issue quite challenging, but very enjoyable. Unlike many other types of puzzles I can't find any other source of these except on your sites Gareth, so would love to see some more to practise on! Thanks in anticipation!!

Another type of puzzle which makes a nice change is hidato. I don't know what anyone else thinks of that one?
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 23, 2009 03:45PM
i like hidato too, altho the ones i've seen are always very easy. maybe we can have hard hidato!
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 24, 2009 05:00AM
Hidato puzzles are part of a class of travelling puzzles, where you have to find a route whilst obeying certain constraints. I think there's lots of scope for nice logic puzzles with pretty simple rules here, so it's a great idea! We can just change the rule over what constitutes a valid move from square to square.

I'm pretty certain Hidato is a trademark, however, so they will need to have a different name in Sudoku Xtra!
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 26, 2009 03:30PM
More Consecutive Suduko's please - maybe a Samurai Star one?

I also enjoy Mosaic and Labyrinth puzzles - the main reason I buy Beyond Sudoku (sorry) these days.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 26, 2009 07:03PM
Mosaic puzzles (which are essentially Minesweeper with pictures of course) are pretty easy to make, so I could definitely do these. The Labyrinth puzzles are great fun I agree, albeit somewhat more complex to make because of the combination of Hanjie-style placement with maze-solving logic - so these will definitely go 'on the list' but I wouldn't expect to see these any time soon (definitely not in issue 2 at any rate! smiling smiley ). Those Labyrinth puzzles are unique to Beyond Sudoku so far as I'm aware - has anyone seen them anywhere else?

Consecutive Sudoku really does seem popular (and I enjoy them a lot myself too), so I'll definitely put more of those in issue 2. A Samurai Star one is a good idea.

I've had a few emails with suggestions in too, so I should go through those and summarise them here soon as well.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 27, 2009 10:00AM
Cheers Gareth - am now looking forward to Issue 2 even more. The perfect accompanionment to mince pies and chocolates! Merry Christmas and thanks again.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 28, 2009 02:05PM
I quite like mosaic puzzles too although they are not something I have every done regularly.

Another variation on the sudoku theme is Hanidoku.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
November 29, 2009 07:31AM
Thanks Sue! Issue 2 will be out in plenty of time for Christmas, so you'll need to have more chocolates and mince pies on stand-by! smiling smiley

In terms of Hanidoku, I tried it once and found it quite complex - in fact I made a Hanidoku puzzle since BBC MindGames asked for a sample (they never used it). I thought it was overly-complex, or perhaps that was just me? smiling smiley So I could put that in the magazine since it's never been used, but I'm not too sure.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 01, 2009 01:42AM
I was going to ask for Extra Regions but I see that's already on your list! Is there any chance of a Futoshiki/Inequality Samurai for a future issue?
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 02, 2009 01:00PM
Futoshiki/inequality Samurai is a fantastic idea! I thought of doing something like that long ago, but never got round to it and had completely forgotten about it. So yes - I'd love to do that for issue 2! I'd better get working on that...! I had better keep the difficulty level fairly low (logic-wise) because I think following all those arrows around a large grid will be fairly crazy! smiling smiley

Maybe I'll start with a 6x6 Inequality Samurai, and see how that goes. I might put a sample on my blog before I decide what will go in the magazine.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 03, 2009 01:32PM
I'd personally love to see a hybrid Samurai Inequality/Sum Sudoku of some sort in issue 2.

Dave Millar, Puzzle Creator
See my puzzles at http://www.thegriddle.net
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 04, 2009 07:50AM
I've been and had a look at your site Dave - there are some great puzzles on there! Am enjoying the funky kakuro!
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 04, 2009 04:14PM
Interesting idea, Dave! I am just posting some inequality puzzles on my blog right now, so I will try a sum sudoku plus inequality hybrid shortly! smiling smiley

I've seen Killer-type puzzles where there are inequalities between the region totals (so you know region 'a' is greater than region 'b', but not either exact total), but they're just a bit too complicated and require too much "book-keeping" when solving for me, so I think I will go with the more obvious interpretation - placing the two types of clue together! smiling smiley
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 07, 2009 07:55PM
...so I think I will go with the more obvious interpretation - placing the two types of clue together! smiling smiley

Right, that's exactly the interpretation I meant!

Also, thanks for the kind comments as well Christine!
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 08, 2009 10:37PM
Well I have now made a Samurai Star Inequality Calcudoku, and even if I do say so myself it looks pretty stunning! smiling smiley Adding the inequality means I can stick to 'easy' Calcudoku logic without having any singleton boxes left over, whilst having some great symmetry to the Calcudoku regions. It turns out you need surprisingly few inequality signs to tip the balance from unsolvable to a finished puzzle, and so there aren't that many in the final grid at all. (In fact I might put a few of them back in...)

I just posted an inequality samurai star on garethmoore.co.uk, and I have a 6x6 Calcudoku inequality to post tomorrow as a little taster.

So thanks Dave for the great seam of interesting puzzles which I hope to mine for quite a while yet! winking smiley
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 10, 2009 09:28PM
A while back I promised to post some of the email requests I've had for issue 2 here. Well here are two of them I just reviewed - Sue would like some Extra Regions Sudoku (a great idea!), and Danielle asked for more Hanjie (a popular request on puzzlemix, incidentally!). I can't promise more Hanjie for issue 2 since they take so long to make (but it's definitely a possibility for future issues - I have some ideas for speeding it up!), but I will try to squeeze some Extra Regions puzzles in.
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 13, 2009 11:20AM
Issue 2 sounds very promising! Have you any date in mind yet for its publication?
Re: New puzzles for issue 2
December 13, 2009 01:45PM
Now that I have some more time to respond, I'll throw in my requests:

What you have now winking smiley
More Calcudoku, Skyscraper, and Consecutive puzzles.
If you could put some Str8ts puzzles and Chess Mazes in that would be great.

Now to re-pitch an idea winking smiley

Have a Sudoku Dragon...

What you do is have puzzles throughout the publication which have marked squares that, when filled in, tell you what digits to add as givens to an empty "Dragon 9x9 Sudoku Grid" in the back. For example, one of the Futoshiki puzzle squares could be shaded and have the clue "D7". When I do the Futoshiki, if that square solves as a '4', then I know to put a 4 in square D7 in the Dragon puzzle.

Once you get all of the grid clues from other puzzles you are now ready to solve the Dragon Sudoku, which could be a tough one.

Yes, you can tell I play many board, card, and video games. hot smiley
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