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+/- Killer Issue 9

Posted by Christine 
+/- Killer Issue 9
August 08, 2010 04:58PM
Thought I'd start a new thread for this one. Great mag Gareth. Anyway it's taken me the best part of two hours but just had one of those 'yeah' moments with this puzzle!! What a wicked (in the old fashioned sense) idea to jumble up the mix of positives and negatives just when we'd got our lists sorted! Actually I think this was a little easier than the -4 through to +4 combination, given that there were a few more clues readily available with the larger positive and negative totals, but nevertheless for me it was a real challenge and I must admit to feeling a little disbelief when I finally slotted in the last number and hadn't gone wrong! Another sometime please, (or whatever other concoction you see fit to think up!)smiling smiley

Next up, the odd pair S.

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