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Logic Masters India site

Posted by Christine 
Logic Masters India site
September 26, 2010 10:07AM
I have taken to entering the competitions on the Logic Masters India site following the sampler platter which David submitted a few weeks ago,not because I am anywhere near competition standard (that's a laugh), just as a personal challenge to myself to try and improve a bit and get used to puzzling against the clock (why do you get nervous when you see a timer counting down even though you know full well that no-one is going to know how you did but yourself?!) Actually my results are quite depressing (I would one day like to score half marks at least!!!). But what has come out of it for me, is an interest in a wider variety of puzzles and also coming across some interesting new sudoku variants.

The variants which I particularly liked in this test were the Bush (No 10) sudoku and the Greater Sudoku and the 1234 + 567 + 89 sudoku so if ever you are looking for any more requests for new puzzles for Xtra Gareth, then those would be my request! (Not that there isn't more than enough to keep us going - I don't want to appear ungrateful!!!!)

The puzzles on the site are well worth downloading for anyone to do at leisure if you don't want to actually do the competion - I still have half the booklet to get through - wasted half my time choosing which ones to do and then changing my mind half way through when one gets a bit difficult!!
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