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Issue 12

Posted by Christine 
Issue 12
November 29, 2010 07:48AM
Hi Gareth. It's been very quiet on here recently. I know you must be busy in the run up to Christmas, but was just wondering if there was any more news on when Issue 12 would be out? Something to keep us going if we get completely snowed up!!
Re: Issue 12
November 29, 2010 08:27AM
Issue 12 is definitely on its way, I'm glad to say! It's about 2 weeks later than I planned due to a combination of unusual factors - taking a week out to go to the world puzzle championships, then having a new book to complete in just a few weeks, followed by moving house just a couple of days ago. I thought I might get it done last week but in the end I didn't have time, so I'm working on it again today. My printer isn't here yet but I should be able to print and check tomorrow so maybe it will be up either then or Wednesday.

Not the reason for the delay, but I also thought it would be interesting to see how taking longer between issues affected sales too - with so many puzzles in each issue I've wondered if they're actually too close together for the average reader! smiling smiley

Anyway, issue 12 will at any rate be a bumper issue with the largest-ever page count!
Re: Issue 12
November 30, 2010 04:37PM
Thanks for the reply and I hope the house move went smoothly and you are settling in well.. You did talk at one time about making Xtra a bi-monthly magazine and with all the other commitments you have with Sudoku Pro (bring back the yajilin and masyu by the way!) and your books, I wouldn't blame you in the least if you decided to publish Xtra less regularly (even though my personal preference would be for it to be monthly).. As you say, it is jam packed with puzzles these days. As long as it keeps coming - I love the samurais and unusual shaped puzzles (like the boomerangs) that you just can't get anywhere else. smiling smiley
Re: Issue 12
December 01, 2010 07:09PM
And now it's available!!! A few more details in the announcement post (now updated), but it's a bumper-packed issue of 139 puzzles.

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Re: Issue 12
December 03, 2010 11:12AM
Hello Everyone again - we have all been quiet haven't we?

So glad to receive Issue 12 .... I was beginning to fear you were having problems, Gareth, so very glad all ok. Love the Christmas tree ones. Am saving them for some Boxing Day chill time I think.

Re: the frequency comments above, I do struggle to do the puzzles justice over a month but enjoy the rather pleasing backlog of favourites that I keep for holidays. Maybe a cut to 8/9 issues a year would be ok. Would be disappointed with bi-monthly tho. I will continue to subscribe even if only one a year frankly as Xtra is still, by some distance, the best out there. Not very happy with the new version of Pro/Total. There is insufficient in it now to challenge after the brain bursting puzzles we have become used to attempting. But the variety is very good I expect it might bring in some new subscribers to Xtra in the long term.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a terrifically puzzling New Year. Thank you Gareth for all the amusement and frustration you have sent my way in 2010. Very much appreciated.

Re: Issue 12
December 06, 2010 02:15AM
Must agree with the ladies. Sudoku Extra is the best magazine around so if an issue is late or the frequency is changed so be it, as long as it keeps coming!

Thanks for a fantastic puzzling year, Gareth, and happy holidays to everyone!


Edit: Oooh, have just downloaded issue 12 and spotted the Samurai 13 Extra Regions! Yummy yummy - better than Christmas dinner!

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Re: Issue 12
December 07, 2010 08:46PM
Glad everyone's happy with issue 12. I'm not planning to increase the gap between magazines to a month and a half every time, but just slightly over a month - so around 11 to 12 issues a year, in other words.

The Amazon.com and Lulu versions are now available for those who want a pre-printed copy (see the announcement post or the magazines page)
Re: Issue 12
December 07, 2010 09:41PM
Yes, issue 12 looks great as ever! I will definitely be saving the Christmas tree puzzles for the day after Boxing Day when all relatives have been visited and relaxation begins! Glad to see 13X variations becoming a regular feature, and amongst the smaller puzzles I really enjoy the last Killer + Killer Pro of each set where a different set of numbers is given.

The community section looks to have some amazing puzzles. How is everyone getting on with these? I have yet to solve a Krypto Kakuro or Altair slitherlink, but I have got half way round one of the latter so progress is being made!! Glad to see more of the labyrinth puzzles and it will be interesting to see whether I can solve Grant's version with some of the clues missing. So many different puzzle types to try out - will try to give a bit more feedback when I have got a few more done.
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